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Member Spotlight: Palmer Dennison

Palmer Dennison, A UNBSJ marketing major graduate, never planned to

be an entrepreneur like her father. Entrepreneurship Found Her. Just after graduation Palmer was hired by a new start-up business that was a member of ConnexionWorks. While working with the start-up, she discovered a love for event planning, more so wedding planning. Through the uncertainty of COVID-19, she worked hard and started her own business. In early December 2021, she opened Palmer Events.

After officially starting her business, she focused all her efforts on Palmer Events. With perseverance, she worked towards her first business loan; shortly after achieving her goal, her first clients were booked. Palmer worked diligently to establish her name as a wedding planner. She put the work in and established a strong network of photographers, florists, and other vendors to fill within her niche.

Palmer is still participating in the Paid Start-Up program, which offers guest speakers from various industry professionals, accounting, marketing, and targeted professional backgrounds. With knowledge of the (PSP) program, she wanted to participate before starting her own business. Palmer says, “Because business owners want to talk about different things,” and the PSP allows business owners to talk about their businesses experiences, wins, challenges, and difficulties in other industries. “It becomes very rewarding.”

Palmers has ConnexionWorks as her office space. She says that entrepreneurs don’t always have their own spot, and it can be very isolating to work on your own. With ConnexionWorks, there is always someone to chat to when looking for conversation. Palmer has 32 weddings booked for this year and will be continuing her path of growth, both personally and professionally.

“ConnexionWorks changed everything,” Palmer said. “Once you come through those front door and see Heather then you’re just instantly in a good mood and inspired.”



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