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Join us, March 24th! “From Around the World” Saint John Region Newcomer Business Showcase

There are numerous Newcomer businesses in the Saint John Region who have made our communities home over the past three years. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the valuable skills, services and cultural experiences our newcomers offer. Many bring new businesses and startups that help to boost the economy. They can also bring in fresh talent and skills which can help to benefit the business community.

Whether you grew up in the Saint John region or have moved in only recently... chances are you've probably met Heather Acker, Entrepreneur, Mentor & ConnexionWorks Co-founder. Heather is steadfast in her believe that we're all stronger when we work together, and create lasting positive connections: “Saint John is growing! 1900 Newcomers landed in Saint John in the last 5 years. That’s awesome, but we’re learning that 35.5% often leave because of lack of support & community. ConnexionWorks with support from Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB)

are working to change that by creating connections. After all, we can't support each other if we don’t know what’s new in our communities! "

If you're looking for skilled staff, ready to try tasty treats, or looking to discover new businesses don't miss our "From Around the World: Newcomer Showcase" on March 24th at the Market Square Atrium from 11am-2pm.

We have free tables for Newcomer Businesses who want to share ‘what they do best’ with other businesses and the general public!

We’re looking for Newcomer businesses to exhibit their services, skills and flavours at our 'From Around the World: Saint John Region Newcomer Business Showcase' “This is a tremendous opportunity for Newcomers to share what they do best, while giving locals an opportunity to explore new tastes and services! It's a win-win!” Heather Acker ConnexionWorks

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