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Are you a budding entrepreneur with a big dream and a world-changing idea? Do you want to turn your vision into a thriving business, but you're not sure where to start? Look no further – the DREAM Program is here to guide you on your journey to success!

The DREAM Program, short for Discover, Research, Explore, Adapt, and Manage, is a

5-week cohort-based intensive IDEA and DISCOVERY program designed to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit. We provide a safe and collaborative environment where participants solidify their business vision, laying the foundation for success.


Let's DREAM together!

Don't let your dreams remain dreams!

Join the DREAM Program. A FREE and in-person course that will help you take that first crucial step toward building your dream business. Embrace innovation, seize opportunities, and make your entrepreneurial aspirations a reality.

Topics include

  • DISCOVER your business vision, define problem statements, and solidify your goals.

  • RESEARCH and gain tools to understand your potential market, future customers, and your business industry.

  • EXPLORE solutions and opportunities for your business.

  • ADAPT your initial business idea with everything you've gathered and build your roadmap.

  • MANAGE your time, resources, and knowledge to build your support network.


  • Entrepreneurial spirit

  • A business idea you're ready to explore.

Our next cohort will start in January 2024. Make sure you secure your spot now and we will be confirming the date soon.


Seats are limited!

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