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Volunteer Spotlight: Ashley Little

Ashley Little is from McAdam, NB, currently a student with the University of New Brunswick. Ashley is now in her fourth year and majoring in Marketing and Accounting. The Co-op placement program offered was what initially pulled Ashley to UNBSJ, during her time she discovered her passion is strongest in Marketing.

Ashley interested, in expanding her abilities and gaining experience in Marketing in business, she spoke with her professor, Dan Doiron, he suggested she contact ConnexionWorks and meet with Heather Acker and see where she could learn business from an entrepreneurial culture, shortly after being in contact with Heather, Ashley decided to volunteer her time with her skills in content marketing and content creation for ConnexionWorks. Ashley commented, “ConnexionWorks has been an amazing place to grow yourself personally and professionally.”

Ashley feels the most rewarding element of her experience at ConnexionWorks is the people. According to Ashley, she has increased her LinkedIn portfolio with 30 new connections since she started volunteering, and she has also connected many significant personal growth interactions with entrepreneurs that will be connected for life.

What does the future have in-store for Ashley? Her ambition is to help people by assisting them overcome difficulties with business challenges, whether this is in marketing or advertising, even just being a supportive conversation that help people define what they really need. Through the extensive education she is taking and the hands-on experience she is gaining with the team at ConnexionWorks there is no doubts she will achieve her goal.

Ashley left us with this to say, “My mentor has guided me with some great advice before diving into the professional business world: Surround yourself with people smarter than you, this is precisely the opportunity ConnexionWorks enables."



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