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Starting Something New: A Look at Our First BIE Winter 2024 Class


Jan 23, 2024

Winter has arrived, and with it comes the beginning of a special time for the students in the Business and Innovation in the Era program (BIE) this year. Let's talk about the exciting first class of the winter term and what's in store for everyone.

Getting Started:

Picture a room full of students, each with different backgrounds, coming together for the first class. This semester would be about working together and learning from one another.

What's cool about BIE is that it's not just sitting in a classroom all morning. The first class had interesting discussions, group activities, and experts from different industries came to share their experiences. It is like getting a sneak peek into the real world of business.

Exciting Projects:

In the Winter 2024 class, we're going to work on some exciting projects. It's not just about studying – we get to put what we learn into action. From coming up with new business ideas to solving problems that real companies face, these projects are like a hands-on way to learn. This winter semester is going to be a time of learning and growing. We're excited to see how we'll change and what we'll achieve by the end of it.

Our first class in BIE Winter 2024 was just the beginning of something big. From the friendly start to the interesting things we're going to learn, it looks like we're in for a semester full of discoveries. Keep following our journey – there's more to come!

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