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Holiday Social 2023: A Heartwarming Celebration at ConnexionWorks


Dec 8, 2023

On December 06th, ConnexionWorks had a really special party called "Holiday Social." Organized with care and dedication, the celebration brought together a blend of flavors, fun, and recognition, making it an unforgettable event for all attendees.

Culinary delights took center stage, featuring delicious dishes reflecting the richness of Middle Eastern and African cuisines. Sufra Cuisine by Aya Murad had tasty Middle Eastern food, and The Culture Kitchen by Tolu Sobodu had a unique African food experience. The smells and flavors of these foods made everyone happy.

We also had a lot of fun with a panel of funny photo accessories. People had a great time taking funny pictures, making everyone laugh and creating memories that will stay with us.

In a touching moment, Sep Bastani took a minute to honor Heather Acker. Sep said kind things about Heather's qualities and asked everyone to clap for her kindness and hard work. Heather, who didn't expect this, got emotional and thanked everyone. This made the feeling of togetherness even stronger.

The "Holiday Social" at ConnexionWorks was more than just a party; it was a celebration that brought together different cultures, tastes, and amazing people. These kinds of moments are important for making friendships stronger, creating memories, and celebrating the differences that make life interesting. Let's hope there are more events like this to bring people together and make the holidays cheerful.

ConnexionWorks team is wishing everyone happy holidays, and see you in 2024! ✨​

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