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Faces of Fusion - Event Celebrates Saint John's Outstanding Achievers


Nov 6, 2023

On November 3th, the city of Saint John came alive with the celebration of the outstanding individuals and organizations that make a significant impact in various fields. The Faces of Fusion, which recognizes excellence in entrepreneurship/business, environmental/sustainability, arts & culture, Saint John champions, and new Johners, was a night filled with inspiration and appreciation.

The event, held at Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal, brought together a diverse group of nominees, community leaders, and supporters to celebrate the achievements of those who have contributed to the growth and development of the city.

In the Entrepreneurship/Business category, the nominees were:

  • Colin Cusack of Complex Union

  • Andre Robichaud & Liam Freill of Queen Square Farmers Market

  • Erin Ellis of Ellis Realty Team.

Winner: The deserving winner in this category was Erin Ellis of Ellis Realty Team, whose dedication and innovation have left an indelible mark on the business landscape of Saint John.

Erin Ellis, visibly surprised by her victory, shared her deep appreciation and her strong commitment to giving back to the community of Saint John. She expressed her genuine desire and unwavering efforts to contribute to the betterment of the city, highlighting her passion for fostering growth and prosperity in the local business environment.

The Environmental/Sustainability category featured:

  • Andre Robichaud & Liam Freill of Queen Square Farmers Market

  • Megan Scott of Commercial Properties Limited

  • Katelyn Price of Juniper.

Winner: Katelyn Price emerged as the winner for her remarkable efforts in promoting sustainability and eco-friendly practices in the community.

In her acceptance speech, Katelyn Price shared her overwhelming gratitude and passion for the cause of sustainability. She expressed how honored and humbled she was to receive the award, emphasizing the urgency of environmental conservation and the importance of sustainable practices in our daily lives. Katelyn pledged to continue her tireless work in advocating for eco-friendly initiatives and encouraged everyone to join in the collective effort to protect the environment and build a more sustainable future for Saint John and beyond.

The Arts & Culture category showcased the talents of:

  • First Nations Storytellers

  • Haven Music Hall

  • United Colours of Fashion.

Winner: The First Nations Storytellers were honored as the winners for their invaluable contributions to preserving and sharing cultural heritage. However, it was noted that the representatives Dave Smith and Gail Bremner of the First Nations Storytellers were unable to attend the event. In their absence, Laura Oland, Director of Cultural Engagement at Fusion SJ, stepped in to represent them and spoke passionately about the exceptional work of the First Nations Storytellers. Oland highlighted the significance of their contributions to preserving and sharing cultural heritage, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and honoring their outstanding efforts.

In the Saint John Champion category the nominees were:

  • Andre Robichaud & Liam Freill of Queen Square Farmers Market

  • Alex Ash of CHROMA NB

  • Derek Chaisson of Canada Life

Winner: Alex Ash was recognized as the Saint John Champion for his unwavering commitment to the city's betterment. In his speech, Alex highlighted the importance of embracing diversity and fostering a culture of acceptance. He emphasized the need to create safe spaces where transgender individuals and members of the LGBTQI+ community can express themselves without fear of discrimination or prejudice.

The New Johner category celebrated newcomers who have made a significant impact were nominated:

  • Idris Gueye of Black Lives Matter New Brunswick

  • Tania Valbuena of YMCA

  • Jordan Owens of the YouTube channel "A Tribe Called Owens".

Winner: Idris Gueye was crowned as the New Johner winner for his dedicated work in advocating for social justice. During the award event, Idris Gueye didn't have a prepared speech. Instead, he spoke from the heart. He asked everyone to think about the wars happening in the world and the people suffering because of them. He requested a minute of silence to pay tribute to the current victims of conflict and to underscore the importance of working towards a more just and peaceful world. His words were very touching, and he reminded us all to work together for fairness and peace.

A special reward was also presented to Andre Robichaud & Liam Freill of Queen Square Farmers Market for their remarkable contributions to multiple categories and their continued efforts in enriching the Saint John community. Andre and Liam were genuinely taken aback as they had not anticipated receiving this special recognition. Their emotions were evident as they were deeply moved by the acknowledgment of their hard work and sacrifices. Seeing their efforts to enrich the Saint John community being acknowledged touched their hearts and left them feeling truly grateful and inspired.

The Faces of Fusion Awards event was a testament to the remarkable individuals and organizations that shape the vibrant culture and progress of Saint John. It highlighted the city's diversity, creativity, and the spirit of community building, all coming together to make Saint John a better place for everyone. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners who continue to make Saint John a city to be proud of!

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