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EWB Conference 2024: Highlights from Day Two


Mar 25, 2024

The second day of the EWB Conference 2024, held on Saturday, March 23rd, was an inspiring and enriching experience, brimming with valuable insights and high-quality sessions.

Heather took on a pivotal role as both the emcee and a guest speaker. Her charisma created an engaging and motivating atmosphere for all attendees. Heather's participation in a panel discussion on entrepreneurship was one of the day's highlights. She shared her invaluable experiences and insights, offering practical advice and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Another key moment was the presentation of the Young Women in Business Entrepreneur Awards as part of the Women L.E.A.D. Awards. Heather had the honor of presenting this prestigious category, celebrating the achievements of young female entrepreneurs. The award went to Abigail Smith of Haven Music Hall, recognizing her outstanding contributions and innovative approach in the music industry. Congratulations to Abigail for this well-deserved accolade!

The entire day was a testament to the power and potential of women in business. Each session was thoughtfully designed to provide learning opportunities and to celebrate the achievements of women, reinforcing the importance of female empowerment in our community.

We extend again our heartfelt congratulations to Dragonfly Events Planning for organizing such a memorable event. Their meticulous planning and dedication ensured that the EWB Conference 2024 was not only successful but also profoundly impactful.

Here's to a future where the voices and talents of women continue to lead and inspire. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore and celebrate women's leadership in the business world.

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