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Entrepreneurship Speaker Series: A Flavorful Evening of Insights and Networking


May 17, 2024

On Thursday, May 16th, ConnexionWorks hosted the Entrepreneurship Speaker Series, a dynamic event that brought together students, entrepreneurs, and aspiring business leaders. The event was organized in collaboration with the Axis Accelerator - UNB Faculty of Business and Envision Saint John: The Regional Growth Agency.

Practical Tools for Entrepreneurs

The theme of the evening was about practical tools for entrepreneurs. Attendees gathered at ConnexionWorks to gain valuable insights and connect with like-minded individuals. The event featured a diverse agenda, covering essential topics for anyone venturing into the entrepreneurial world.

Keynote speaker Norm Purdy, an experienced professor in business strategies, emphasized the importance of validating your value proposition. Attendees learned practical techniques for testing their business ideas in real-world scenarios. Pricing strategies, customer trust, and relationship-building were also discussed.

Culinary Delights

In addition to the insightful sessions, the Entrepreneurship Speaker Series treated attendees to a delightful culinary experience. Five local entrepreneur caterers showcased their delectable offerings, tantalizing taste buds and adding to the vibrant atmosphere.

Among them, Sufra Cuisine delighted with mouthwatering chicken rolls (Musakhan) and stuffed artichokes, while The Culture Kitchen served up grilled chicken legs with spicy rice and veggie samosas. A1 Curry impressed with their butter chicken and veggie pakoras, and June brought freshness to the table with authentic chicken and vegetarian Chinese noodles. For dessert, Marco’s Bakery delighted everyone with Brazilian pastries, including coconut balls (Beijinho) and sweet bread with banana crumble (Cuca).

Attendees savored every bite, fostering connections over shared meals as they discussed business ideas and entrepreneurial strategies.

The Entrepreneurship Speaker Series not only provided valuable knowledge but also fostered connections within the entrepreneurial community. As the sun set over ConnexionWorks, attendees left inspired, well-fed, and ready to take their entrepreneurial journey to new heights.

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