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ConnexionWorks gets big funding boost from ACOA!


Jan 22, 2024

Exciting news is spreading in Atlantic Canada's business world as ConnexionWorks, a thriving business hub, has secured a significant funding injection of $472,469 from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA). This financial support is a crucial moment for ConnexionWorks, signaling potential growth and innovation in the region.

The investment aims to empower entrepreneurs through ConnexionWorks' Premier Entrepreneurship Program, a 12-month pilot initiative. This program is specifically tailored to provide essential support to budding businesses, offering training, coaching, and networking opportunities in the Greater Saint John area. The organization will collaborate with academic and business partners to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, with the ultimate goal of boosting the number of new businesses and high-growth firms in Atlantic Canada.

The Premier Entrepreneurship Program is a testament to the Government of Canada's dedication to fostering a diverse and robust economy that benefits all Canadians. By strategically investing in initiatives like ConnexionWorks, the government is ensuring that entrepreneurs and small business owners across Atlantic Canada have access to the necessary resources, training, and networks crucial for success and growth.

Wayne Long, MP for Saint John-Rothesay, expressed his satisfaction with the government's decision to empower entrepreneurs through organizations like ConnexionWorks. He highlighted the importance of strengthening entrepreneurial services, engaging the business community, and creating new opportunities for prosperity in the region.

Co-founders of ConnexionWorks, Doug Jenkins, and Heather Acker, expressed gratitude for the ACOA contribution, emphasizing its role in strengthening the entrepreneurial landscape in the Saint John Region. They shared their enthusiasm for the enhanced support, enabling them to offer more programs and business advisory resources. This support ensures that entrepreneurs have a clear and guided path to transforming their ideas into successful businesses, contributing to the thriving future of the region and the province.

The ConnexionWorks team extends heartfelt thanks to ACOA for its steadfast commitment to nurturing the growth of the region's entrepreneurs. This substantial funding goes beyond mere monetary support; it embodies a shared vision for a vibrant and flourishing business ecosystem in Atlantic Canada.

Special recognition is due to MP Wayne Long, Mayor Robert "Dewey" Doucet from Hampton, along with councilors Paula Radwan-Donovan and David Hickey, also deserves applause for their invaluable support. The collaborative efforts of these leaders showcase a united front in championing the cause of local businesses.

Community Celebration

Success is sweeter when shared, and ConnexionWorks recognizes the importance of community support in this achievement. A heartfelt celebration is extended to everyone who contributed to this triumph, including Envision Saint John: The Regional Growth Agency, Saint John Newcomers Centre, YMCA Newcomer Connections, The Saint John Region Chamber, PRUDE and Uptown Saint John.

Adding a flavorful touch to the celebration, ConnexionWorks proudly featured catering services from Sufra Cuisine and The Culture Kitchen, both past participants of the Business Immigrant Essentials program. These culinary entrepreneurs not only showcased their delectable offerings but also stood as shining examples of success stemming from the support received through ConnexionWorks' programs.

The event was made even more special by the presence of numerous businesses and individuals, emphasizing the significance of a united community in building a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem.

It Takes a Village to Build a Business

ConnexionWorks firmly believes that building a successful business requires a supportive community. The diverse network of supporters, ranging from regional growth agencies to local chambers of commerce, exemplifies the power of collaboration. The success story of ConnexionWorks serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of community engagement and collaboration.

A Helping Hand for Entrepreneurs

As ConnexionWorks celebrates this milestone, the message to entrepreneurs in the region is clear: the doors are open, and the team is ready to help you on your journey. The business hub offers many programs tailored to support entrepreneurs at various stages of their development. Whether you're a startup or an established business, ConnexionWorks invites you to explore the opportunities that can propel you forward.

A Bright Future for Atlantic Canada's Entrepreneurs

With this substantial funding secured, ConnexionWorks is poised to play a essential role in shaping the future of entrepreneurship in Atlantic Canada. The ripple effect of this support is expected to reach far and wide, fostering innovation, job creation, and economic development in the region.

In conclusion, ConnexionWorks' recent funding success is not just a win for the business hub; it's a win for the entire entrepreneurial community in Atlantic Canada. As the region looks forward to a brighter, more prosperous future, ConnexionWorks stands ready to be a guiding force for entrepreneurs embarking on their business journeys.

Entrepreneurs, Your Future Starts Here!

If you're an entrepreneur from the region, ConnexionWorks welcomes you to explore the opportunities available. Your journey to success begins with a supportive community and the right resources. ConnexionWorks is here to help you every step of the way. Check them out and discover the programs that can pave the way for your entrepreneurial dreams!

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