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Civic Tech Holiday Potluck and Gathering


Dec 13, 2023

We recently had a super fun time at the Civic Tech Holiday Potluck and Gathering! Our friend Karla Marticorena, the awesome Community Coordinator of Civic Tech Saint John, hosted the event. It wasn't just a regular get-together – it was a mix of hanging out, yummy food, and cool holiday games.

Yummy Food Galore:

Everyone brought dishes to share, making the potluck a feast of tasty treats. From homemade goodies to savory snacks, we had a blast trying out different flavors together.

Holiday Games and Laughs:

Karla brought in some holiday cheer with fun Christmas games. We all laughed and enjoyed some friendly competition, getting into the holiday spirit even more.

There was a competition for teams to decorate sweaters, and also to make the ugliest decoration on gingerbread. It was a lot of fun and everyone laughed a lot.

"Awesomeness Awards":

The highlight of the night was the funny "Awesomeness Awards" ceremony. Civic Tech gave out certificates to celebrate and thank everyone for being awesome in the Civic Tech community. It was a cool way to show appreciation and share some laughs.

Chillin' and Chattin':

Apart from the planned activities, we got to hang out and chat with each other. It was a laid-back time to connect and make new friends within the Civic Tech community.

The Civic Tech Holiday Potluck and Gathering wasn't just about the event itself – it was about the amazing community coming together. As Civic Tech wraps up the year, the memories from this festive get-together will stick with us, reminding us of the great times we had and the awesome people we met.

ConnexionWorks is happy to be a proud sponsor of Civic Tech and their mission to support the not-for-profit community with IT advice and technical support. Cheers to a year of innovation, connection, and giving back! 🌟

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