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A Promising Beginning: First Day of Business Immigrant Essentials - Fall Cohort


Oct 10, 2023

Today marked an exciting milestone for a group of aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals as the Business Immigrant Essentials - Fall Cohort officially kicked off. This innovative program, designed to support and empower immigrants pursuing their dreams in the world of business, started its journey today, promising an enriching and transformative experience for all participants.

A Diverse Cohort:

The first day of classes saw a diverse cohort of individuals from different corners of the world, each bringing a unique set of skills, experiences, and aspirations to the table. The program, which focuses on providing immigrants with the essential tools and knowledge to succeed in the competitive world of business, attracted a wide range of talents and backgrounds.

The Importance of Networking:

Networking is a key component of the Business Immigrant Essentials program, and it was evident from the first day. Participants were encouraged to share their stories and experiences, fostering connections that will undoubtedly prove invaluable in the coming months. The importance of building a strong professional network in the business world cannot be overstated, and the program is committed to providing participants with ample opportunities to do so.

Expert Guidance:

As Program Delivery Coordinator, Ronald Moncada shared his insights and experiences with the cohort. His expertise and guidance along with many local industry experts will be a cornerstone of the participants' learning journey, offering practical knowledge and real-world advice to help them succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

A Bright Future:

The first day of classes for the Business Immigrant Essentials - Fall Cohort was a resounding success. It marked the beginning of an exciting adventure for a diverse group of immigrants who are determined to make their mark in the business world. With expert guidance, networking opportunities, and a comprehensive curriculum, the program is poised to empower these individuals and help them turn their dreams into reality. As we eagerly anticipate the rest of the cohort's journey, one thing is certain: the future looks bright for these aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals.

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