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In addition to programs, ConnexionWorks is happy to offer mentorship, coaching, and networking opportunities to individuals looking for help outside our programs.

Working with ConnexionWorks business mentors and industry experts allows entrepreneurs to access insights into their industry, gaining practical and tactical experience to successfully launch their business to the next level. 


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Mentorship and Business Advice are facilitated by the ConnexionWorks team and are offered to our members and individuals participating in our incubator programs.

We're here to help!

Business Advice

The ConnexionWorks team and network are made up of a wide variety of entrepreneurs from many backgrounds and industries. If an entrepreneur or business owner is looking for help on their next move or direction, coaching and advice are available for all.

Professional Connections

ConnexionWorks is known for its connections! If an individual is looking for a recommendation for someone to reach out to (accountants, marketing support, lawyers, a professional in a specific industry, etc.), the ConnexionWorks team can help.

Formal Industry Mentors

ConnexionWorks facilitates the development of formal mentorship relationships. This mentorship framework supports entrepreneurs and industry mentors with clear guidelines around expectations, outcomes, and confidentiality. Having a dedicated mentor can accelerate a new business to the next level. Come see the ConnexionWorks team to learn about our mentors. 

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