In addition to programs, ConnexionWorks is happy to offer mentorship, coaching, connections, and office hours to individuals looking for help outside of programming.


Formal mentorship is facilitated by the ConnexionWorks team and is only offered to individuals participating or preparing for incubators and accelerators.


The ConnexionWorks team and network is made up of a wide variety of entrepreneurs from many backgrounds and industries. If an entrepreneur or business owner is looking for help on their next move or direction, coaching hours are available for all.


ConnexionWorks is known for its connections! If an individual is looking for a recommendation for someone to reach out to (accountants, marketing support, lawyers, a professional in a specific industry, etc.), the ConnexionWorks team can help.

Office Hours

On a monthly basis, ConnexionWorks will offer Office Hours with key individuals from the community who can support with topics such as accounting, business registration, marketing, etc. Office Hours are available only to those involved in a program, coaching, incubation, or membership at ConnexionWorks.

Incubation Membership

Since ConnexionWorks has 17,000 square feet of co-working space and conference rooms, there is extra incubation space available to entrepreneurs not participating in a formal incubator program.


What does this mean? Well, this means an entrepreneur can apply to have a subsidized co-working membership, an Incubation Membership, at ConnexionWorks with full access to their coaching teams, connections, office hours, and a team of individuals growing their businesses too. Incubation Memberships also offer first access to free business workshops and discounts on all paid workshops offered through Business Essentials.


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