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  • What is ConnexionWorks?
    ConnexionWorks is a collaborative space dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs through various programs and services designed to help them start, grow, and sustain their businesses.
  • What types of programs does ConnexionWorks offer?
    ConnexionWorks offers a range of programs including BIE (Business Immigrant Essentials), DREAM, MVP, KPI, and ARC Services, each tailored to different stages and needs of entrepreneurial development.
  • Who can join ConnexionWorks programs?
    Our programs are designed for a diverse range of entrepreneurs, from newcomers to Canada to young entrepreneurs and established business owners looking for support and growth opportunities.
  • How do I apply for a ConnexionWorks program?
    Interested individuals can apply for our programs through the ConnexionWorks website, where they can find detailed information and application forms for each program.
  • Are there any costs associated with ConnexionWorks programs?
    No, all ConnexionWorks programs are free of charge. Participants can join and benefit from our programs without any financial burden.
  • What kind of support can I expect from ConnexionWorks?
    Participants can expect comprehensive support, including access to local business experts, mentorship, skill development workshops, funding opportunities, and a network of peers for collaboration and support.
  • Do ConnexionWorks programs offer mentorship?
    Yes, mentorship is a key component of many ConnexionWorks programs. Participants will have opportunities to connect with experienced mentors who can provide guidance and support.
  • Can I join more than one program at ConnexionWorks?
    Yes, participants can join multiple programs if they meet the eligibility requirements and find that the programs align with their entrepreneurial goals.
  • How long do ConnexionWorks programs last?
    Program durations vary. For example, the BIE Program lasts 8 weeks, DREAM program lasts 5 weeks, the MVP program is 10 weeks, and the KPI program is 9 weeks. ARC Services offer ongoing support.
  • What is the structure of ConnexionWorks programs?
    Our programs typically include a mix of workshops, one-on-one mentorship, peer networking, and hands-on activities designed to provide practical business knowledge and skills.
  • Is there a selection process for ConnexionWorks programs?
    Yes, each program has a selection process to ensure that participants are a good fit for the program's goals and can benefit from the support offered. Details on the selection criteria can be found in the program descriptions.
  • How can I stay updated on new programs and opportunities at ConnexionWorks?
    You can stay updated by following us on social media, subscribing to our newsletter and regularly checking our website for announcements and new program launches.
  • What makes ConnexionWorks programs unique?
    ConnexionWorks programs are unique due to their tailored approach, connecting participants with local business experts, offering practical resources, and fostering a collaborative entrepreneurial community in Atlantic Canada.
  • Are ConnexionWorks programs offered online?
    ConnexionWorks programs are primarily offered in-person, providing participants with direct access to local business experts, mentors, and a collaborative entrepreneurial community.
  • What does ARC stand for?
    ARC stands for Advice, Resources, Connections.
  • What are ARC Services?
    ARC Services provide a comprehensive support system for entrepreneurs, offering guidance on funding, skill development, and business advisory.
  • Who can access ARC Services?
    ARC Services are available to previous program participants and new founders seeking a supportive environment for business growth.
  • What support can I expect from ARC Services?
    Participants can expect to receive goal setting assistance, accountability support, and connections to local industry experts and mentors to help grow their businesses.
  • What is the BIE program?
    The Business Immigrant Essentials (BIE) program connects newcomers with local entrepreneurial expertise and business support. It is designed for individuals starting or restarting their entrepreneurial journey in Atlantic Canada.
  • Who is eligible for the BIE program?
    Newcomers who are interested in starting or growing a business in Atlantic Canada are eligible for the BIE program.
  • What can I expect from the BIE program?
    Participants will receive essential tools and resources to navigate Canadian business culture, connect with local business experts, and gain support in creating and growing their businesses.
  • How long is the BIE program?
    BIE is a 8-week program.
  • What does DREAM stand for?
    DREAM stands for Discover, Research, Explore, Adapt, Manage.
  • What is the DREAM program?
    The DREAM program is a 5-week intensive cohort-based initiative for aspiring entrepreneurs. It helps participants solidify their business vision and lays the foundation for success.
  • Who should join the DREAM program?
    The DREAM program is perfect for individuals with big dreams and world-changing ideas who are looking for a collaborative environment to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit.
  • What will I gain from the DREAM program?
    Participants will gain insights into business development, receive support from peers and mentors, and create a solid foundation for their entrepreneurial journey.
  • What does KPI stand for?
    KPI stands for Knowledge, Process, Impact.
  • What is the KPI program?
    The KPI program is a 9-week program tailored for young entrepreneurs, offering insights into running a business and overcoming challenges.
  • Who should join the KPI program?
    Young entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their ventures and connect with peers, industry experts, and mentors should join the KPI program.
  • What will I gain from the KPI program?
    Participants will receive guidance on business processes, connect with mentors, and may be eligible to apply for a microgrant of up to $5,000 for business development expenses.
  • What does MVP stand for?
    MVP stands for Market, Value, Pitch
  • What is the MVP program?
    The MVP program is a 10-week program designed for entrepreneurs ready to validate their market share, customer segments, and financial sustainability.
  • Who should join the MVP program?
    The MVP program is ideal for entrepreneurs transitioning from ideation to validation, looking to develop a compelling value proposition and gain confidence to pitch their business.
  • What will I gain from the MVP program?
    Participants will learn how to validate their business ideas, develop a value proposition, and effectively pitch their business to potential allies, partners, customers, or investors.
  • What are the Business Essentials Workshops?
    Our Business Essentials Workshops are in-person, free-of-charge sessions designed to help entrepreneurs and businesses grow their skills.
  • Who leads the workshops?
    Each session is led by a local business expert or a community partner who provides valuable insights and practical tools for business development.
  • What can I expect to learn in these workshops?
    Participants will learn practical skills that they can apply immediately to their business, such as creating media posts on Canva, invoicing in QuickBooks, protecting their online identity, and accessing capital.
  • What are the benefits of attending the Business Essentials Workshops?
    - Learn from local business experts or community partners. - Receive a practical “tool” for your business development “toolkit” in each session. - Network with other small business owners and like-minded individuals. - Gain knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied to your business.
  • Are the Business Essentials Workshops free?
    Yes, the workshops are free-of-charge, with costs subsidized by the Impact Loan.
  • How do I register for a workshop?
    You can register for the workshops through our website. Detailed information on upcoming sessions and registration forms are available online.
  • Are these workshops in-person, online, or hybrid?
    The Business Essentials Workshops are conducted in-person, providing participants with hands-on learning experiences and networking opportunities.
  • What should I bring to the workshops?
    Participants are encouraged to bring a notebook, laptop and any specific materials relevant to the workshop topic. Additional materials or tools may be provided as part of the session.
  • How often are the Business Essentials Workshops held?
    The frequency of workshops varies. Please check our website for the latest schedule and upcoming sessions.
  • Can I attend multiple workshops?
    Yes, participants are welcome to attend as many workshops as they find beneficial. Each session offers unique tools and insights.
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