Our Story

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

Founded in 2015 by Doug Jenkins, Heather Acker, and Brendan Bates, ConnexionWorks has grown into a 17,000 square-foot space currently occupied by over 30 businesses and counting. From its inception, ConnexionWorks has focused on providing an inclusive and collaborative environment to support the success of entrepreneurs and businesses in the Greater Saint John Region.

Through a partnership with Envision Saint John, Planet Hatch, and our funding partners, ConnexionWorks is a hub of entrepreneurial and business excellence supported through a mix of educational programs, experiential learning opportunities, incubators, and industry mentorship.

In addition to programming, ConnexionWorks supports entrepreneurs and remote workers with temporary or permanent desks to work from, meeting and event space hosting, connection opportunities, and much more. ConnexionWorks is also home to Brilliant Labs, a maker space for individuals looking to get their hands on innovative technology such as 3D printers, robots, shirt printing machines, and more.

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