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Member Spotlight: Sadaat Faruqui

Sadaat Faruqui – New comer to Canada and originally from India. Sadaat received an education and an MBA in marketing and operations, with most of his corporate experience centred around sales and marketing. When Sadaat moved to Canada in 2019, he created a company called Tolredo Leather Goods. Tolredo is a high-quality leather fabrication and production, he, and his wife both come from past generations in the leather manufacturing businesses.

Sadaat came to ConnexionWorks after a decision to move to Canada from Dubai. With his entrepreneurial spirit and MBA education, Sadaat decided to participate in the Business Immigrant essentials program. The information from this program helped him understand and gain comfort around the Canadian business culture and regulations, governments and so much more. After his time in the Business Immigrant Essentials program, Sadaat quickly learned about the supportive co-working, and networking community that resides within ConnexionWorks.

Sadaat is familiar with similar spaces like ConnexionWorks in Dubai. He said, "it is wrong to call ConnexionWorks a co-working space, there is so much more to it." The many benefits he finds most useful is the community support, mentorship, and recommendations to help support his business initiatives, anything from legal frameworks, design aspects on his products, and even support for his business planning.

So, what does the future have in-store for Sadaat and Tolredo? Sadaat recently announced that Walmart and Wayfair are selling his products online. Other large companies have been outsourcing work with Tolredo.

Sadaat wanted to leave us with this to say, "It is amazing how much support exists in Saint John for entrepreneurs and start-ups. This support should be broadcasted internationally so people from other countries when they are making decisions to move and start their own entrepreneur journey, that they are aware of all the support Saint John has to offer!"

We are pleased to say Tolredo has been growing consistently, and it is apparent that significant accomplishments are always around the corner for Sadaat and Tolredo



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