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Business Advisory Meetings

Your pathway to success

Navigating Growth

Support for small and medium-sized businesses in Saint John

We're excited to offer you the opportunity to address your business doubts and concerns in a personalized setting. By booking a meeting, you will be talking with our experts and discussing the challenges you're facing. Whether you're seeking guidance on strategy, marketing, finance, or any other aspect of business, our advisory meetings are tailored to address your specific needs. Your success is our priority, and we're here to provide the support and insights necessary to help you thrive.


Our consultants provide tailored options, advice, analysis and practical recommendations for the unique business challenges faced by:

  • established small and medium-sized enterprises (10-500 employees);

  • producers of commercial goods and services in all sectors;

We support small and medium-sized enterprises companies with:


  • access to capital;

  • assessing organizational strengths and identifying potential opportunities for improvement;

  • doing business with the government;

  • understanding and meeting government regulations and compliance challenges;

  • building relationships with other provincial ministries and other levels of government;

  • networking with other companies;

  • connect with local partners.

Let's schedule a time to meet and explore solutions together!

Book a meeting!

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